“Southern whimsy and fuzzy, melodic rock,” -- NPR

“‘Georgia Dust’ the Best Local Single of 2016”

“A pleasant, tuneful and beautifully arranged little sliver of folk-pop, and one that calls to mind influences including The Byrds, Badfinger, The Zombies and — hey, why not — The Shins.” on 2017 single, “Won’t Keep Me Up At Night”

-- Nashville Scene

“During their short career, Nashville indie folk quartet Sun Seeker have developed a mature sound that belies their youth.” -- Consequence of Sound

“Their music features a distinct country folk-rock sound with tight harmonies and raw, honest lyrics. The melodies fill the air with a sense of nostalgia and melancholy, calling back to a simpler time and reminding listeners of long summer nights spent driving down winding back roads, blasting the radio.” -- The Daily Mississippian

“To date, country-tinged psychedelic outfit Sun Seeker has released a grand total of eight songs. Nonetheless, the group has fast won over critics with its woozy, tuneful pop, anchored by singer Alex Benick’s wistful vocals. After releasing Biddeford, a well-received EP on Jack White’s Third Man Records, in 2017, the Nashville troupe heads into the fall with a number of tour dates and, finally, a proper, debut full-length soon to follow.” — Men’s Journal (September 2018 print issue)